Medical Marketing Practices That Work

Marketing is a critical component of a successful business, including the healthcare industry. However, given the complexity of the industry, it's sometimes a challenge to strike the right balance when it comes to developing a compelling marketing strategy. Learn about some of the go-to approaches that are often highly effective.  

1. Patient Testimonials

Whether it's a medical procedure or a new medication, when it comes to collecting information, patients value a personal account very highly—sometimes even more than their physician's opinion. Use this idea to your advantage and develop marketing campaigns that include personal accounts from patients who have had an experience with the product you are advertising. A short video presentation is a great way to execute this concept. 

When you prepare the testimonials, try to get a variety of different patients. Displaying patients of varying ethnic backgrounds and genders allows you to reach a wider audience, as everyone has an opportunity to see someone whom they feel they can relate to. Ultimately, this step will help you reach a wider demographic. 

2. Brochures and Pamphlets

If the marketing materials will be used in healthcare facilities, such as a hospital or medical clinic, don't underestimate the impact of brochures and pamphlets. Sure, this form of marketing might seem a bit outdated, but it has plenty of benefits.

Whether it's someone sitting in a waiting room waiting for an appointment or a patient on the fence about a procedure that needs further information, you can include an abundance of helpful information in a brochure or pamphlet. Often, far more information than you can include in a commercial or even a social media post. Best of all, the patient can take the brochure with them, so they can go back and reference it at any time, which will keep it fresh in their mind. 

3. Social Media Engagement

Social medial is about more than making announcements. When used correctly, social media is an excellent marketing tool. First, social media lets you connect with a near-limitless audience. For the patients that you can't reach in an actual office, you can easily connect with them through this platform. 

Second, social media brings a level of authenticity to your company. As users have a chance to engage with one another, prospective customers have a chance to read over this dialogue and learn more about what you offer. Keep in mind that you can even use a social media account to post patient testimonials. 

All of the above ideas are excellent options for medical marketing, but they are only the beginning. Consider partnering with medical marketing services to learn about more options that can benefit your company. 

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