3 Common OSHA Citations

A construction site can be a dangerous place. Government regulations have been put in place to ensure that the public and workers remain protected around a construction site. Advanced training for both you and your employees is a great way to update yourself on these regulations. If you fail to follow the guidelines set forth by the government, OSHA could step in and issue a citation. Avoid some of the most common OSHA citations by working hard to maintain a safe work site.

1. Improper Fall Protection

Workers could fall at any time while working on a construction site. There are some instances where a fall is more likely to occur (like when being lifted in a boom truck bucket or working on scaffolding), and proper protection is needed in these situations. Improper fall protection measures could prove deadly. OSHA has specific requirements when it comes to rigging employees in high fall-risk situations. Investing in a safety training program will help your workers refresh their knowledge of fall protection measures so that your company isn't fined in the future.

2. Faulty Scaffolding

Scaffolding allows construction workers to create vertical work areas on a construction site. OSHA estimates that up to 65% of construction workers will perform work on scaffolding. This makes the integrity of your scaffolding a critical component in construction site safety. Safety training programs that focus on proper scaffolding construction and inspection techniques can help you avoid any injuries and ward off OSHA citations on future projects.

3. Unsafe Work Conditions

OSHA recognizes that workers shouldn't be forced to operate in an unsafe environment. Citations issued for unsafe work conditions can cover a wide range of infractions. from improper personal protection equipment to a lack of supervisory oversight. One of the major components that contributes to a safe working environment is adequate training. If you don't provide your workers with the training and education needed to operate heavy machinery, engage in construction tasks, and utilize tools safely, then you could be cited by OSHA. Companies that specialize in offering safety training programs can help you ensure that your workers are prepared to contribute to the safety of your construction site.

Don't underestimate the value of proper safety training. Not only will a professional training program help you avoid OSHA fines and citations, but it will also help you protect your employees against serious injury as they navigate construction sites in the future. Contact commercial construction safety training services to learn more. 

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