Have A Firestop In Your Building? Make Sure You Get It Inspected

If you have passive fire protection in your building like a firewall, having a firestop installed alongside this is a good idea. A firestop is sealed around all openings in floors and walls. This will slow down how fast a fire spreads. It will also slow down the spread of smoke in the building. This allows people in the building to get out much quicker. If you have a firestop, you need to make sure you get it inspected. Below is information on how this is done so you will know what to expect.

Check the Systems and Materials 

One of the first things the firestop inspector will do is to make sure all materials and the systems that are used with the firestop are tested and compliant with the type of firestop you have installed. This is important as being compliant will ensure the firestop is working properly. If there is someone that is not compliant with your firestop, the inspector will take steps to make the needed repairs or changes.

Run a Test

The inspector will run a test on the firestop to make sure there are no problems with it. This will also be done when the firestop is first installed. This should be done on an intermittent basis. The inspector can give you the timeline you should follow. They have ways to test the firestop without starting an actual fire. The inspector will use different devices. A visual inspection will be done first and then a destructive inspection will be done.  

Make Sure There Are Enough Firestops

The inspector will walk through your building to ensure you have enough firestops installed. If you do not, a fire can spread in certain areas of your building much quicker than where the firestops are located. If, however, there are not enough installed, the inspector can work with you on hiring someone to install the firestops for you. Once installed, the inspector can come back and inspect the installation, if you prefer.

Get a Report

When the inspection is finished, the firestop inspector will write up a report to put in the file.  You should also ask for a copy of this report for your file. This way you can prove that you had your firestop inspected in case something does go wrong. The report can give you the name of the inspector, the main contractor that installed your firestop, the design professional, and much more. The report will show the methods and steps taken for the inspection.  

You can hire a third-party firestop inspector to do this for you. Contact a firestop inspection service for more information. 

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