Have A Marine Survey Conducted Prior To Purchasing A Secondhand Boat

Purchasing a secondhand watercraft will require that the boat is surveyed. Many financing and insurance companies require an assessment of the boat, prior to lending funds or providing insurance coverage. The following tips will prepare you for the surveying process.

The Surveying Process

A non-motorized boat can be assessed on dry land or in water. Some surveyors may prefer to use both dry docking and floating scenarios during an inspection. This will clarify if any of the materials that comprise the boat's body and undercarriage are damaged. Safety is essential while out at sea, so identifying leaky materials now will help you determine if you are willing to invest money to restore the watercraft that is of interest.

A motorized boat or a sailboat may require a physical inspection of the hull, the stern, navigational equipment, and lighting. A separate inspection of the mechanical parts of a boat may be necessary, especially if you are contemplating the purchase of an older boat or if the boat of interest has been used extensively in the past.

If you are considering the purchase of a sailboat, a rigging inspection needs to be performed. A marine surveyor will make sure that the sail structure is supported adequately and that the equipment does not contain any defects.

The Cost And The Timeframe

The cost of a marine survey may be priced by the square footage of the watercraft and the amount of equipment or functional features that a boat possesses. If a multi-phased survey is going to be performed, the cost will be higher. A more complex survey requires that all of the physical and mechanical parts of a boat be inspected in depth.

A small watercraft may be able to be surveyed within a couple of hours. A larger boat could take a few days to complete a survey. A surveyor is someone who you will be paying directly. This person will give you a detailed report. The report will list the surveyor's findings.

Use this paperwork to help you decide if making a purchase is a smart move. A boat dealer or a private seller may be willing to go down on the price that they are asking for if you supply them with details about what the surveyor found. If you do decide to purchase a watercraft that has some damages, research prices for materials and labor that are essential for the repairs.

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