Six Mistakes To Avoid When It Comes To B2B Customer Feedback

One of the most valuable assets you can take advantage of when doing business with other companies is B2B customer feedback. However, you need to properly design and implement your B2B customer feedback processes to make the most of this asset.

The following are six mistakes to avoid when it comes to B2B customer feedback. 

Requesting feedback through only one channel

One of the biggest challenges of implementing a B2B customer feedback program is getting past customers to leave feedback. If you're struggling to get enough feedback to make beneficial changes, you might need to add additional channels through which past customers can submit feedback.

There are many channels available that you can use for customer feedback. These can include e-mails, surveys, social media, and in-person interviews where possible. The more of these channels you're using to bring in feedback, the more feedback you're likely to get. 

Not reviewing B2B customer feedback with an open mind

Too many business owners and managers review B2B customer feedback with preconceived notions. You should look at feedback with an open mind. Your job is to serve your customer, so your customers' opinions and viewpoints are essential to success.

If you're going to take B2B customer feedback, you need to be open to criticism and willing to make meaningful changes according to the desires of your customers. 

Giving up on a past customer after only one request for feedback

Many customers won't provide feedback after only one request. That's why it's important that you're persistent. You should follow up several times with requests for feedback in case a customer responds to a future request. 

Neglecting to take advantage of the transaction interaction to request feedback

One of the best times to request feedback is immediately at the end of the initial transaction interaction. This way, you're making your request for B2B customer feedback when you already have the attention of the customer. 

Not quantifying B2B customer feedback to pinpoint priorities

Quantifying B2B customer feedback is important for gaining valuable insights and determining where your priorities should lie.

One important way to pinpoint priorities is to quantify how many times particular requests or concerns are being brought up. This helps you figure out what changes will please a maximum number of present and future customers. 

Let past customers know about your response to feedback

Once you've implemented changes as a result of your B2B customer feedback program, it's time to let everyone know.

Send an email out about changes to those on your email list and post an announcement on your social media pages. This can help to bring in repeat customers and show customers that you're listening to them. 

For more information on B2B customer feedback, contact a professional near you.

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