AEC Digital Marketing Strategy Best Practices And Basics

One of the biggest ways architecture, engineering, and construction, or AEC, businesses grow is via referrals. A sound digital marketing strategy for AEC builds the customer base through direct customer acquisition and can generate the brand recognition required for referrals from people who have not yet used a service. Staying up-to-date on the latest digital marketing trends and paying attention to basics helps create a consistent inflow of potential customers.

Keep an eye on the future

Best practices in digital marketing are always evolving, but one constant is to pay attention to tech and web innovations and maximize them to connect with customers. While practical applications for augmented reality and virtual reality are gradually evolving, there are unique opportunities to utilize existing capabilities, such as 3-D tours of construction projects and builds, to show off amazing architecture and unique designs. 

For many firms, this content already exists for ads and posts sharing web-based tours using a point-and-click process, so the migration to other displays may be easier to implement and share with potential customers. A full 3-D walkthrough of a unique personal residence or a luxury office space provides the scale, details, and wow factor needed to convert. 

Use content in digital marketing

Content is a key component of digital marketing and is also an independent marketing opportunity. Video tours of a property, whether 3-D or photo-based, are an excellent way to connect with consumers and can be used as web content and also as ads to promote a business. 

Other forms of content, such as blog posts, social media posts, and whitepapers, also help AEC businesses connect with customers and other businesses which can lead to referrals. Blog posts should be highly informative and answer topics of interest to customers while, when applicable, sharing how the AEC business can help.

When optimizing content for marketing, it's important to focus on the target audience with tone — be more conversational and avoid industry jargon with customers — and assets, such as photos. Use keywords to draw organic traffic from search engines and devote marketing dollars to ads pulling customers to content pages. Optimize these with calls to action, an easy opt-in for the business email list, and the opportunity to request a quote directly from the page.

Stay responsive 

Digital marketing efforts across all industries, including AEC, should stay responsive and provide a full-featured experience on screens of all sizes — phone, tablets, and computers. As more potential customers migrate between access points while researching firms and responding to ads and other marketing efforts, it's important to provide a consistent experience from device to device.

For more information on AEC digital marketing strategy, contact a professional near you.

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