Ten New Operating Rooms at Queensway Carleton Hospital

Growing our community hospital


On August 10, I was thrilled to help open ten new operating rooms at Queensway Carleton Hospital.


The new facilities will make a real difference for people in our community!


It's been a very exciting summer at QCH. We've also opened a new MRI machine, a new Ambulatory Care Centre that will see 40,000 annual patient visits, and announced an innovative fresh food program.


Since the McGuinty government was elected in 2003, our community hospital has been incredibly successful:


·        Funding for the QCH has increased by over 60% since 2003.

·        Nine out of ten patients have seen wait times go down.

·        Since 2003, QCH has hired 510 new nurses, a 40% increase.

·        The Irving Greenberg Cancer Centre opened in 2010, and now thousands of west-end

         cancer patients no longer have to travel across the city for treatment.

 ·        And of course, we have our new MRI machine.


These accomplishments speak to the extraordinary staff of QCH, and their dedication to the patients they serve.


And these significant investments also speak to the McGuinty government’s commitment to investing in health care.


Here’s the big picture: since 2003, our government has increased hospital funding by over 50%.


 ·        23 new hospitals have been built or are underway, with another 100 health capital

           redevelopment projects built or underway.

 ·        We’ve reduced wait times province-wide in almost every category we measure.

 ·        Long-term care funding has increased by 77%.

 ·        We’ve created 12,600 more nursing positions since taking office.


I extend my heartfelt thanks to the staff, volunteers and donors who make our community hospital such a success.




 Bob Chiarelli, MPP

Ottawa West-Nepean